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Beaders Secret

The Professionals Choice
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The Beaders Secret Story



I have been a professional Pearl & Bead Stringer since 1984. I was taught by a wonderful lady named Mrs Molly Reilly, a 50 year Pearl Stringing veteran.


She had retired from the industry six years prior, but very graciously agreed to instruct me on the techniques and secrets of the pearl threading profession.


In the early years of my stringing career it was extremely difficult obtaining stringing supplies, and there was no such thing as computers, forums or facebook groups back then. I would often say it was like the “Secret Society of Beaders” extracting information. So that’s how the name “Beaders Secret®” was born. It serves as a reminder of how tough it was in the early years.


The Thread I use today and provide to you on this site, is the result of many years of workshop use, evaluating the characteristics & performance of many different threads along the way, in literally many thousands of strands of pearls and beads, until arriving at the thread I have now been using the past 17 years.


It is the closest product to silk in feel, without the limitations. Gentle on your hands and pearls, whilst tough enough for demanding tasks such as heavy rope length necklaces. And is available in a wide range of colours and weights to match any strand of pearls or beads you are working on.